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I am tired Ö_Ö
3.12.06 21:01


I am ~home again~

and in some minutes I want to take a bath <3

My sweetheart will be here in some hours

[don´t know when...]

an hm......it´s

Jessicas Birthday today.

Very happy to know someone like her <3

Okay, it´s freezing cold

~ like it ever is in [winter?] ~ 

Love you all......perhaps ^^ 

23.11.06 14:24

Last entry for today

because in some minutes

I´ll went back home to mom >_<

Here are four of my pictures for you :


Picture One


Picture two


Picture three


Picture four


I like them very well,

the first one most.

Don´t know what to tell about...

Last time nothing really interesting happens. 


Okay, love you all <3

22.11.06 18:33


>>Just to remeber
22.11.06 17:06

~ Gomen Nasai ~

Sorry, guys,....I just went

away from the PC,

out with my Dad and then

suddenly my boyfriend called me and said,

that he is standing

outside in front of my door




So....wasn´t at the PC again and so on.

School was amazing funny today,

well, boring as it just ever is but to go

to school by car is a real wonderful thing ^^


I made some new pictures.

Have to


them up before I will uploade them.

They look rather horribly if I

don´t do so xD


Okay, don´t know what to write anymore.




22.11.06 14:46

Hello there, everyone <3

Here I am again

and I found a

wonderfully sweet homepage.


Totally pink xD

Okay, today I´ll stay at Dads home.

Very happy about that because my

Mom sometimes really

bothers me >_>

Enough about that.

I think I´ll write again, later.

Bye *-*

21.11.06 15:28

Hii...im 1st^^

How are you? I hope good*-*

I see you in 2 weeks. "heul" its so boring...



Wonderful english xDDD

1. You aren´t the first, somebody who I don´t know

wrote something some days ago as you can see O_ô

2. Whats the meaning of heul? xDDD


Okay, enough.

This was very cool << freezing cold xD

I bought me a new pair of earrigs

and only had 4 hours,

because my english teacher wasn´t there <3

[dont wish her to be sick...but having

only 4 lessons sounds very cool xD] 

Okay, have to do other things, sorry 


>>Live ist beatifull Don´t forget to watch LOST tonight ^^

13.11.06 18:27

Picture of me

Okay, just to know who is talking

in this blog, here is a

picture of me and my pony ~love~

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Isn´t he wonderfull?

I think so....nobody could see me into my eyes xDD

12.11.06 02:28


Here I am again, but at first:


He is going to be 16.teen today.

Hmmm....Jessica wants to go to him at 2

o´clock at night.

She don´t want to stay at home.

I hope there didn´t happen as bad things as I

think at Jessis home ._.

My poor little Jessi ;_;

Okay....change topic.

I made some new photos and I

just want to show them to you

(who ever is reading this xD)

Here they are:

Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3
Pic 4

Okay....I don´t know what to say now.

So, ending here.


12.11.06 01:01

~ well.....see you later [?] ~


my brother wants to go

at the PC and my

Dad, too.


So....tonight I´m back,

promised <3


Stay sick and get killed.




11.11.06 20:48

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She: 16.teen + blond + emo xD

I think there is nothing interesting to tell about me

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